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Welcome to
The Mosaic Studio and Gallery
Jane O'Donnell
Mosaic Artist


"Under the Tuscan Sun"
Smalti on Wedi-Board
Project begun at Sonia King's
Advanced Mosaic Workshop
Creative Arts Center - Dallas, TX

I happened to find a book on piqueassiette (literally meaning "stolen plate") mosaic art in 1999 and said to myself, "I can do that"....."I want to do that"......."I need to do that".......and it has become an obsession. My collection of broken china in the basement now had a purpose - I didn't have to throw them out! They would have a second chance to become beautiful again! The simple act of putting them back together is therapeutic for me, as I find it difficult to part with anything from my past. I have since broadened my tesserae selection to smalti, vitreous glass, art glass and pretty much anything that will break........I hope you enjoy my work! Please check back often, as I will be adding new pieces........


Example of china "shards"
for piqueassiette (black and
white Wedgwood transferware)
"only damaged china was used in
this process".........

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